There are several opportunities for Australian landowners to manage native vegetation on their land.

Apart from a range of tree planting methods there are other methods that foster natural regeneration or prevent emissions by avoiding eligible clearing activities.

It is important to understand that landholders can utilise one or more of the methods approved under the ERF to generate carbon income.

Three examples that can generate good net carbon income are:

Human Induced Regeneration

Landowners can generate carbon credits by allowing native vegetation to establish on their land. Landowners are required to manage their land by removing activities that prevent vegetation establishment (known as suppression activities). Suppression activities include livestock grazing/ feral animal grazing, or invasion by non-native plant species (weeds). 

Avoided Deforestation (this method applies to eligible properties in NSW)

Landowners with permits to clear native vegetation, issued before June 2010, can claim carbon credits by surrendering these permits and choosing to protect the vegetation instead. The carbon emissions avoided by preventing the clearing of native forests can be claimed as carbon credits.

Avoided Clearing of re-growth forests (this method applies mostly to properties in Queensland)

Landowners with permits to clear native vegetation, which has established after a preceding clearing event, can claim carbon credits by not clearing the re-established vegetation. The carbon sequestered by the growing forest can be claimed as carbon credits. This methodology allows a landowner to claim several future clearing events over the project lifetime.


Interested in having a carbon project on your land?

We offer free and detailed initial assessments to all interested parties with no expectation for landowners to sign exclusivity deals prior to receiving these assessments. In that way landowners will have the freedom to develop carbon projects as they choose without any pre obligations to use a particular project developer or be locked in to sell their carbon credits through one organisation if they wish to proceed.

If you are interested in a free carbon assessment of your land, please complete the form on our home page and a member of our team will contact you.

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