Great Eastern Ranges

The Great Eastern Ranges Initiative is a strategic response to the impacts of climate change, invasive species, land clearing and other threats to our unique biodiversity and iconic landscapes. Bringing people and organisations together, our mission is to protect, restore and reconnect important areas of habitat along the entire 3,600 kilometre length of the Great Eastern Ranges from western Victoria to far north Queensland.

Forests Alive are helping the GER to identify opportunities through carbon mechanisms to protect existing native forest and help restore degraded ecosystems as part of the larger GER strategy.

Carbon Link

Forests Alive has a complementary working relationship with Carbon Link and together both companies offer the potential to develop carbon projects based on a number of improved land and forest management practices.

Carbon Link is leading the effort in Australia to secure a soil carbon method that is straightforward and practical to implement in the agricultural sector while delivering long term improvements to carbon storage and productivity in rural land.

Like Forests Alive, the company made a successful bid in the first ERF auction based on anticipated improvements in carbon storage in soil.

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