Forests Alive developed the first projects in the world that protected the carbon stored in natural forests. Working with 11 Tasmanian landholders more than 38,000 hectares of native forests were protected, in the process improving the long term habitat value for a suite of wildlife including endangered species like the Tasmanian devil, white goshawk and wedge tail eagle.

The projects were initially developed under the world-class voluntary standard known as the ‘Verified Carbon Standard’ or VCS. The projects were successfully transferred into the Direct Action Scheme when the national policy environment changed.

The projects now deliver a secure flow of Kyoto compliant carbon credits (known as ACCU’s) that will be tradeable for 25 years in all relevant markets.

Some voluntary credits are still available for sale and the credits continue to be purchased by Qantas, the Victorian Zoo and other high profile businesses seeking to offset their carbon footprint.

Forests Alive successfully bid into the first ERF Reverse auction securing 10 year contracts with the Clean Energy Regulator providing a significant and secure annual income stream for all our Tasmanian landholders.

Our team have completed all stages of a project cycle, beginning with feasibility,  assessment of biomass, capacity building for forest management and monitoring, calculation of carbon stocks, validation and verification of projects, fulfilling ongoing monitoring requirements, and the registration and selling of carbon credits. 

This experience coupled with the expertise developed through engaging with stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions led to Forests Alive becoming consultants for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, where they advise on REDD+ activities and the integration of these into BioTrade objectives. Forests Alive were prominent speakers at the “II BioTrade Congress: Integrating REDD+ into BioTrade Strategies” in December 2013.

Roderic O’Connor, Tasmanian Landowner: “I have been with (or a client of) Forests Alive since its inception. Setting up a carbon project was and continues to be challenging due to the political dimension and the uncertainty around carbon methodologies. Because of this reality it is absolutely vital that your carbon project creator: in my case Forests Alive be at the cutting edge, offer full services, be armed with all the right skills, knowledge and contacts, to provide the best outcome for you. Forests Alive without doubt has integrity and all those essential skills to do what they say they are going to do regarding client advice and delivery of carbon credits. Having been involved with Forests Alive for so long I wholeheartedly and highly recommend anyone use Forests Alive’s services for their carbon project.”

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