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Carbon Offsets

Purchase voluntary carbon units (VCUs) from our Tasmanian forest protection projects here.

About us

We are a carbon and biodiversity consultant specialising in forest protection and restoration projects in Australia.
We have 8 years of experience working with landowners, governments and land conservancy groups and have developed strong partnerships to promote the sustainable management of native forest in Australia and overseas.


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Tasmanian Projects Stats

Our Tasmanian projects protect native forest on privately owned land in the Tasmanian Central Highlands. Carbon finance has enabled landowners to managed their land for conservation purposes.



The Tasmanian projects were originally validated under the Verified Carbon Scheme (VCS) and generated VCUs. Since 2013 these projects have been recognised by the Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) and now generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).


per year

By preventing the harvesting of native forest for short term wood products, these projects are preventing the release of carbon emissions and instead storing this carbon in the trees and soil.


per year

Linking the Landscape

Forests Alive has formed the largest private landowner carbon reserve in Tasmania. The project boundary is bordered by the New Leaf Estate, another forest protection project managed by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Together they have created a corridor of protected habitat for threatened Tasmanian species such as the Spotted Quoll, the Tasmanian Wedge-Tailed Eagle and the iconic Tasmanian Devil.


"It is absolutely vital that your carbon project developer, in my case Forests Alive, be at the current edge, offer full services, be armed with the rights skills, knowledge and contacts to provide the best outcome for you. Forests Alive, without a doubt, has these skills and I wholeheartedly and highly recommend anyone to use their services to develop a carbon project."

Roderic O’Connor, Landowner

"Forests Alive has overseen a carbon project on our land for 6 years now. Despite political and technical changes in the carbon space, Forests Alive have provided us with a high standard of service to ensure we can continue to benefit from the carbon market in Australia. We recommend anyone interested in a carbon project to give them a call."

Emma Boon, Landowner

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